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Call for Workshop Proposals for the

Deaf Rochester Film Festival 2020

DRFF 2020 strongly encourages emerging filmmakers, directors, and writers from diverse production companies and organizations to submit workshop proposals for the thriving Deaf filmmaking community in Rochester, New York. Please read the criteria below before submitting your proposal.

Workshop proposals for the Deaf Rochester Film Festival 2020 are now being accepted and will be reviewed by the Deaf Rochester Film Festival Committee (DRFF 2020) in January 2020. The workshops will be held at various venues Rochester, New York during the festival week, April 14-18, 2020.
If you have any questions or require accommodations, please contact Jeanne Behm, DRFF 2020 Workshop Chair,


January 15, 2020


January 30, 2020

The workshop chair will email all candidates their results. The workshop schedule will be posted on the website on March 2020. 


1. Workshop title: (10 words or less)

2. Scope of challenge & impact: (175 words or less)

3. Workshop type: participant activity, demonstration, group discussion, or lecture

4. Presenter: full name, email address, & biography (125 words or less)

5. Black and white head shot of presenter in JPEG format

6. Link to presenter’s website or workshop, if one exists


RADSCC provides projection screen and LCD projector; hence you need to bring your own laptop (Mac or PC) & projector connection cables.

Visual texts from your PowerPoint workshop need to be easy to read from reasonable distance, and font friendly (above 18 point) for our deaf/blind community.

•  Workshop length is up to 75 minutes; 60 minute for workshop, and/or films & 15 minute for Q & A.


DRFF 2020 is particularly interested in workshops addressing one of the following topics listed below. In addition, DRFF 2020 will consider other topics that are relevant to state-of-the-art Deaf film culture.

  1. Critical Approaches & Challenges: Theory, Methodology, Philosophy, Aesthetics, & Trends in Deaf Cinema

  2. Social Justice & Other Aspects of Deaf Filmmaking

  3. Technology uses / Technique Approaches through Deaf Lens

  4. New Media and Social Media Uses for the signing communities

  5. Themes, Subjects, & Deaf Characters in Films

  6. Challenges Filmmakers Are Tackling:


- equality
- grants & crowdfunding
- script development


7. Critical Assessment of Film: can be film scene analysis, historical events storytelling

If you have any questions or require accommodations, please contact:

Jeanne Behm

DRFF 2020 Workshop Chair

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