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Andres Otalora's filmmaking workshop


Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month: Andres Otalora, a Colombian-American filmmaker at National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes, will provide an online filmmaking workshop on Thursday, October 15, at 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM (Eastern). Free and open to the public. Please register here

He will present about his experiences as a Colombian-American filmmaker, overcoming challenges, and his film professor, Jane Norman, who ignited his filmmaking career. He worked as a Director of Photography and Producer for ASL Films, Convo, and Communication Service for the Deaf. Now he directs videos for the National Deaf Center. He will teach how to get started with filmmaking, gain recognition for work, and handle criticism during the process of pre-production, production, and post-production.

ASL Lecture series: shaping my identity with Jeremy Lee Stone

ASL Lecture Series Oct 2020.jpg

Please click here to register ​for Zoom Webinar:​

motion: art panel events

DRFF and Dyer Arts Center are thrilled to co-host two panel events, featuring our exhibition artists.


Events have passed. 


fred beam's black deaf in performing arts workshop


Fred Beam will provide a webinar on Black Deaf Performing Arts in Media. The webinar is free. Join us. Event has passed. 

Contribution of “Black Deaf” Performing Arts in Media has offered some insights into the eyes of Deaf Community and African American Community as well as their history. This presentation will show what Black Deaf Performing Artists have contributed to our history and be recognized. Historically, we have been put in the backburner or overlooked in many mainstreamed books or media. It shows that Deaf people focus on the majority of Deaf people who are non minority while African American ignore the deaf people . Black Deaf Performing Artists look at themselves as not just deaf or black , but as a whole "Black Deaf". This presentation will include the history of black deaf performing arts in media , black deaf performing artists and their accomplishments in media . It is not just a portray of Deaf African American , but for all of us, because the issues of our identity, self-portrayal, culture and language are related to the experiences of an individual who has wondered about who they are and to every group who feels “ invisible” in the eyes of our country. This presentation will also present the "First" in the field of Black Deaf Performing Arts in Media. The information that will be shared , was collected from the videos, films, newspapers, articles, books, internet, anecdotes and other kind of resources.

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